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Near launches a special Paris 2024 media plan to get brands’ digital campaigns off the ground


Paris, 18/09/2023 – With 206 participating nations, 15 million visitors and nearly 4 billion spectators, the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games are offering brands a fantastic opportunity to make their voices heard. To help them make the most of it, Near, the world leader in data intelligence based on data confidentiality, is launching a brand-new ‘Olympics special’ plan. Combining the power of targeting and personalisation techniques with the specific challenges of major sporting events, it is offering a full range of creative solutions for high-impact marketing campaigns.

Gain visibility and win a place on the brand podium during the Olympic Games!

Whether it is an official sponsor, does business near an Olympic venue or is involved in tourism or accommodation, every company that wants to raise its profile sees the Olympic Games as a major marketing opportunity. More than three quarters of the French population will be watching the events live1, while 3.6 billion spectators are expected around the world. This will equate to an extremely broad audience with a very wide range of expectations. Depending on their objectives, brands will want to communicate with French consumers attending the competitions in Paris, with tourists who have come especially for the occasion, and with foreign spectators in front of their television screens. To be effective, their communication campaigns should target each audience. Brands will constantly need to combine customised marketing with mass communication.

To help them roll out relevant campaigns at a time when each one is looking to raise its profile, Near has designed a special Paris 2024 plan. It addresses all the challenges facing brands, with a threefold objective: to associate their image with the positive values of the Olympic Games, to create strong emotional connections with their prospects, and lastly to capitalise on specific times of consumption around the different matches, fights and events.

A premium 360° plan, focusing on creativity and customisation

Near’s media plan revolves around three main challenges and is based on dynamic creative optimisation (DCO) technology, which provides a way to adapt advertising campaigns in real time, depending on the context and the target audience. This technique captures attention more effectively and increases click-through and conversion rates tenfold.

1st challenge: contextualising communication

With the emotion of victory, and all the suspense and disappointment, the Olympic events thrill all sorts of crowds, both in stadiums and on TV. Near has devised creative solutions to optimise these key communication opportunities, by activating tools that appeal to emotion. The possibilities are endless, depending on the brand’s objectives, and include countdown timers, interactive communication, and real-time score displays. For example, a brand could develop its storytelling through campaigns that tell the tale of a team, which might be chosen according to the preferences of the consumers it wants to reach. Another example: a home-delivery company will be able to serve up advertisements directly to the phone of a spectator watching a match. In this way, the message is delivered to the recipient at the exact time it is needed.

2nd challenge: personalising messages through geo-contextualisation

Ten French cities will host the Olympic Games in 2024. Geo-contextualisation will enable companies to personalise their visuals according to the geographical areas in which their prospects are located. For example, transport operators will be able to indicate the time it takes to get to one of the 41 Olympic venues. As for brands, they will be able to communicate in the language set on the mobile phones of tourists who are in France for the Olympics. This will provide a major advantage, given that 1.2 million foreign visitors are expected to attend the event.

3rd challenge: interacting with visitors to boost engagement rates

The Olympic Games will also provide an opportunity to make a few sports predictions. Why not use this as part of your digital strategy by asking Internet users who they think will win the 400-metre hurdles? Surveys, voting and opinion gathering are just some ways to include opportunities for interaction into a campaign that not only tells a story, but also demonstrates a brand’s support for athletes and commitment to sport. They also let you reaffirm your own values and further engage your audience. 

A fully customisable media plan

The plan designed by Near is entirely modular. More than just standard tools, it includes creative solutions that can be mixed and matched to create infinite variations. The aim is to address as comprehensively as possible the challenges faced by brands, whatever their size or sector of activity. Above all, Near provides them with tailor-made support so they can activate engaging campaigns that will set them apart from the competition. To achieve this, the world leader in data intelligence can rely on its expertise in personalised digital marketing and on the granularity of the targeting offered to its customers, which provides a level of analysis that enables target audiences to be reached with precision.

“With this ‘Olympics special’ media plan, we have taken account of the challenges reported by our customers to build up an arsenal of tools based on the latest innovations in digital marketing. Our plan is aimed at all types of players, whether they are major international brands, retailers with presence at Olympic venues, or tourist organisations. For each of them, it is possible to deploy a high-performance digital campaign, based on both relevant targeting and engaging creative content”

1Kantar and ACPM study for #DemainLaPresse two years ahead of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games

About Near

Near, the global SaaS leader in marketing insights, provides access to a unique understanding of 40 million users in France. Near operates in 44 countries to enable marketing managers to reach, understand and engage consumers with confidence and optimise their business results.

With offices in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Paris, Bangalore, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo, Near serves major
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