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Your media plan for the 2024 Olympic & Paralympic Games

In 2024, France will host the Olympic & Paralympic Games. During this key global event, where almost 15 million visitors are expected, the impact of digital advertising will reach unprecedented heights, offering opportunities to retailers from all horizons.

Indeed, all industries, including official sponsors, sales outlets near the Olympic villages, and simply brands that want to raise their profile, will have major marketing opportunities at their disposal.

To mark the occasion, we’ve put together a plan that will let you take advantage of all the communication opportunities offered by the Olympics and Paralympics!

Combining dynamic creative optimisation with the world of sport, we can help you put your brand in the spotlight. We can thus meet your marketing needs with high-impact digital campaigns that combine creativity with Olympic values to help you stand out from the crowd during the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

PS: Any resemblance to well-known logos is purely coincidental…

Contextualising communication by appealing to emotion

The countdown:

The Olympic and Paralympic Games are a time of intense emotion and excitement for many people. More than 75% of the French population is interested in following them in 2024. So wouldn’t it be useful to link this emotion to your brand?

This is a valuable way to boost your awareness by associating your brand with positive values. That’s why countdown timers have always been an essential part of digital advertising. Below is a creative example you can incorporate into your strategy:


Event scores in real time:

In 2024, the Olympic Games will feature 329 events and the Paralympic Games no fewer than 549. The programme is as impressive as it is difficult to follow!

This is opening up vast opportunities for retailers, who can test the enthusiasm of tourists and locals by informing them of event results in real time. and thus create an emotional connection with their prospects. They will also be able to develop storytelling through their campaigns, telling the tale of a team, an event or a country, while broadening their target audience. Lastly, they will have the opportunity to take advantage of ‘consumption times’, i.e. times during events/matches/fights when spectators are most inclined to consume. Here are some innovative examples relating to fencing:


Adapting to your audience through personalisation


In 2024, 10 French cities will host Olympic events. At a time when tourism will be booming, with the summer holidays and Olympic fervour coinciding, certain industries such as passenger transport will be able to use this opportunity to develop their creativity.

It’s no secret that consumers are more receptive to a personalised advertising message. So why not personalise a visual according to the city in which the individual is based and the travel time required to reach one of the Olympic villages? This is an opportunity to demonstrate local engagement, with the aims of building trust in the brand, boosting its credibility, and making its content more relevant.


Adapting to the user’s language:

Sometimes, adverts speak for themselves, whether the slogan is in Japanese or Serbian. But some messages need to contain a lot of essential information that is best read in one’s native language. So adapting an advertising message to the user’s mother tongue is a major asset that optimises conversions, facilitates decision-making and speeds up the purchasing process.

Almost 1.2 million foreign visitors are expected in 2024. So whether you’re representing a brand with an international presence or one that only operates in France, tourists can be your core target. And to address them correctly, the first key factor is the language of your advertising visuals. Below is an example that can be adapted:

Interacting with Internet users

It’s easier to remember the brand that helps you support your favourite team. For any brand wishing to create a strong emotional affiliation with its campaigns, while at the same time strongly emphasising interaction with its visuals: by integrating voting possibilities into its campaigns, it can tell a story, or show its own support for athletes or its commitment to sport, while at the same time reinforcing its identity and values.

The opening ceremony preceding hundreds of sporting events that are slated to take place over several weeks and will involve more than 200 countries can be an opportunity to place a few sports bets. Why not use it as part of your digital strategy?


In conclusion, the upcoming 2024 Olympic Games in France are providing you with an undeniable opportunity to leverage digital advertising to propel your brand to new heights. The creative solutions shared here are innovative strategies for standing out and creating a memorable impact during this global event.

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