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Prioritizing Privacy in Everything We Do

Near’s data intelligence platform provides actionable insights on consumer behavior at a global scale. To achieve this, we connect behaviors across the digital and physical world, all while prioritizing consumer privacy.

We take consumer privacy seriously and ensure our data intelligence platform remains fully transparent and compliant with industry and legal requirements.

How Near Protects Your Privacy

We’re Compliant with Global Privacy Regulations

Near constantly monitors privacy trends and requirements in all markets and is always working to stay compliant with the most stringent global privacy regulations including GDPR and CCPA.

Data Security Is Important To Us

The security of your information is important to us. Near has implemented reasonable security measures to protect the information in our care, both during transmission and once it is received. Near is committed to using state-of-art commercially viable technologies to protect your information.

You Have the Control

If consumers opt-out of data collection, Near does not receive such consumers data. If consumers have opted-in or agreed to share data, upon consumer’s request to opt-out, Near honors that consumer’s request and deletes the data from its data intelligence platform.

How It All Works

What is Consumer Behavior Data?

Understand the sources and applications of consumer behavior data.

Who is Near?

Learn about Near, and how we use consumer behavior data in a privacy-led way.

How Can I Manage My Privacy?

Access Near’s opt-out form, and learn more about how you can control your data sharing settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is consumer behavior data?

Near uses mobile location data to gain insight into consumer behavior patterns in the physical world. This data can be used to understand market trends, consumer behaviors, foot traffic patterns, and much more. We call this information consumer behavior intelligence.

Who is Near?

Near, a global leader in privacy-led data intelligence curates one of the world’s largest sources of intelligence on people and places. Near’s platform patented technology analyzes data on approximately 1.6 billion unique user IDs and 70 million points of interest in more than 44 countries. 

Near delivers actionable insights on consumer behavior at a global scale, empowering marketing and operational leaders to confidently reach, understand, and market to highly targeted audiences and optimize their business results. Near serves leading organizations across retail, real estate, restaurant/QSR, travel/tourism, media/tech, and financial services.

How does Near obtain its data?

Near operates a data platform that aggregates data from multiple data providers – representing over 1.6 billion unique users globally. We process data sourced through our partners via SDKs embedded within tens of thousands of apps to support Operational Intelligence use cases. Additionally, Near uses bidstream data for Marketing Intelligence use cases such as targeting and measurement. Some of these data partnerships are exclusive to Near.

Near abides by all applicable local laws and regulations and places the highest priority on consumer data privacy. All of Near’s data providers warrant that the data they collect and provide to Near is done in accordance with all applicable laws.

Does Near use data from wireless carriers or device manufacturers?

Near does not receive or process any data from wireless carriers and/or device manufacturers.

Does Near use GPS data?

Yes. GPS is the method used by apps to collect location data in the foreground and background. While Near’s data is derived from GPS, we jitter the lat/long GPS coordinates on Common Evening Location or Common Daytime Location, and do not provide lat/long coordinates at all for countries covered by GDPR.

Does Near use IP addresses to determine location?

While Near does receive IP address information, IP-derived locations are too imprecise to be used for estimated visits to a location.

Does Near track mobile devices?

Near does not universally track mobile devices. Near creates and maintains latitude/longitude-based geo-fences around commercial locations of interest (e.g. shopping, dining, hospitality, events, or points-of-interest) and captures visits to those places.

In addition, most Near products are built on aggregated data from multiple sources, location signals, and devices. Near applies rigorous data screening and processing to all of its products. 

How does Near approve its customers?

Near is selective about the customers who we share data with. We vet all the use cases before approving any customer. We do not accept and will terminate a client if we learn of any dishonest, unethical or illegal practices on their part.

What security measures does Near have in place?

​​The security of your information is important to us. Near has implemented reasonable security measures to protect the information in our care, both during transmission and once it is received. This includes but is not limited to the use of firewalls and encryption. Near is committed to using the state-of-art commercially viable technologies to protect your information.

Does Near know where devices are in real-time?

No. Near processes its data with a 48- to 72-hour delay. We do not share consumer location in real-time.

What is Near’s Privacy Policy?

Our privacy policy can be found at

How can I opt-out or manage my privacy?

As a data subject, you have the right to Opt Out of our ecosystem anytime. All you have to do is fill out the Opt-Out Form.

For more information on how Near addresses consumer choices / Opt-Outs, please refer to our policy on it here.

Additionally, consumers have control over the data they share and can reset their MAID (Mobile Advertising Identifier) on their device at any time (see how to control personalized ads and advertising IDs on iOS or Android). You can also turn off location services within specific mobile applications or altogether.

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