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Envisioning a Cookieless Future Online

with Dan Richardson, Head of Data, Asia Pacific at Yahoo!

About this Episode:

In this episode, Kat is joined by Dan Richadson, Head of Data for Asia Pacific at Yahoo!. Dan talks about the growing importance of contextual targeting in digital advertising, why investing in building first-party data strategy is more critical than ever, and how crafting a fair and equitable ad funded internet is a key step for a balanced future online.

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Dan Richardson
Head of Data, Asia Pacific at Yahoo!

Key Highlights:

6:41 - 8:31
Using More and More Data Over the Years
As we continue to evolve and technology becomes more innovative, like the use of AI and algorithms, the use of data has become necessary for business success.
9:06 - 12:00
Looking at your Audience Profile by Market in an IDless World
It’s essential that users of data first learn how people are truly existing on the internet, in terms of data availability. You can then start using the technology to understand how much is it going to cost you to reach people, in known environments versus the unknown.
12:21 - 14:48
The Evolvement of Contextual Targeting
Using contextual data to help better infer people's age, gender or interests in combination with other types of programmatic data signals is now what we call NextGen audiences.
17:20 - 19:24
Using Data to Validate Customer Profiles and Segmentation
Using the data you have received via user consent, and taking that to validate other datasets to help inform your customer engagement strategy.
19:45 - 24:05
The Emergence of New Channels
Moving billboards into the programmatic ecosystem, moving from watching linear TV to watching via connected apps like Netflix to best understand consumers, while keeping up with the continuous evolution of data is the way to overcome hurdles.
33:35 - 36:51
Using Online and Offline Consumer Behavior Data to Improve the Customer Experience
Expectations have never been higher for a seamless or innovative experience. Listen to how Yahoo! got tourists to Tasmania during the off-season with the right insights and partners for a successful campaign.

The greatest challenge and opportunity that we’ve seen is the emergence of new channels. So moving traditional, out of home, you know, glue and paper, billboards into the programmatic ecosystem. Moving from just people watching linear television to watching on connected TVs through subscription apps which are starting to monetize, like Netflix or Disney, or free apps which have ads in them. So connected TV, digital out of home, that’s been really interesting because the data sets you’re collecting there are different.

Dan Richardson
Head of Data, Asia Pacific at Yahoo!
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