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Gladys Kong

Chief Executive Officer

3 mins read

Why Tech Needs More Female Leaders — Especially with a Looming Recession


As the world faces a possible recession, the need for diversity in tech is becoming increasingly important. Men have long dominated the tech industry, but the need for more female leaders in the field has never been greater. Organizations that prioritize diversity, and in particular developing female leadership, stand to benefit in multiple ways.

First, companies that embrace diversity have shown to be more profitable and successful overall. In fact, according to a report by McKinsey, “companies in the top quartile for gender diversity on their executive teams were 15 percent more likely to experience above-average profitability than companies in the fourth quartile.” Because the tech industry is such an important driver of economic growth, encouraging gender diversity in tech companies can result in an outsized positive impact on the economy.

According to the aforementioned McKinsey report, companies with a higher proportion of women in leadership roles tend to have higher profits and better performance. Specifically, the study found that companies with a higher proportion of women in leadership roles had a 41% higher likelihood of outperforming their peers. Additionally, according to PNAS, teams with a balanced gender composition not only tend to be higher performing, but also have higher levels of creativity and innovation.

Companies that embrace diversity also open themselves up to a larger talent pool and are better able to attract and retain top talent. With more diversity, companies are better able to understand the needs of their customers and adapt to changing markets. The benefit? Companies receive increased creativity and fresh perspectives in product development and innovation. They can also reduce turnover and recruitment costs by creating a more inclusive work environment while increasing loyalty and trust from customers who appreciate their diversity efforts.

Having more women in leadership positions in tech can also create an environment that is more welcoming to all, specifically for women and other underrepresented groups. Hiring more women in leadership positions also helps to create a more balanced workplace overall, where everyone can contribute and be respected for their skills and ideas. 

Yet, while studies show that hiring more female leaders in tech positions helps to address the gender pay gap, men still account for 72% of leadership positions at the 16 Fortune 500 companies that share full diversity data, exemplifying that we need to promote and continue to encourage women to pursue careers in tech and to hire them. Having more females in tech will help ensure that women get the same level of pay and opportunities as men. This can help create a more equitable industry and ensure everyone is given an equal opportunity.
During tough economic times, it is even more important to hire, retain and promote more women in tech, as research has consistently shown that companies with more gender diversity perform better financially. Additionally, having more women in leadership roles helps to ensure that all voices are heard and respected in the workplace, and helps to create an environment that is more welcoming to all genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds. By investing in female talent you are not only promoting long-term economic growth, but also improving diversity and representation in the industry as a whole– making it a win for everyone.

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