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Near Intelligence Publishes Interactive eBook with Guidance for Companies on How to Evaluate New Data Sources

Near intelligence new data sources

The new eBook shares insights on how organizations can ensure data quality and user privacy while continuing to derive benefits from consumer behavior data

PASADENA, Calif. — August 24, 2023 — Near Intelligence, Inc. (Nasdaq: NIR), a global Data Intelligence Platform that curates one of the world’s largest sources of intelligence on people and places today announced that it published a new interactive eBook for companies evaluating new data sources. In an emerging landscape of consumer behavior data, where numerous vendors present a range of solutions, the task of acquiring and readying extensive geospatial data for enterprise deployment has grown notably involved. This complexity is compounded by the essential need to meticulously uphold consumer privacy. Near’s interactive eBook resource aims to help companies evaluate data providers and implement best practices within their own organizations to ensure success with their data initiatives.

In high-stakes areas such as selecting new store locations, targeting marketing budgets, and making strategic investments, the need for accurate consumer behavior data has become essential for business success. However, data leaders and decision-makers face challenges when sourcing data that does not meet their needs, or worse, jeopardizes consumer privacy – leading to unreliable outcomes, poor usability, and a lack of trust. As the volume of data continues to grow exponentially, these challenges only escalate, making it crucial for businesses to invest in data platforms they can rely on. Near’s eBook delves into these challenges: their cause and what steps organizations can take to safeguard and optimize their data investments.

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“Businesses seeking a competitive edge have come to rely on the insights Near’s consumer behavior data provides, but the sheer volume and velocity of these global datasets create quality challenges that Near has invested years in solving. The publication gives our community an inside look into the rigorous processes and practices that they can leverage for their own enterprises, to safeguard consumers and drive business outcomes.”

Learn more about the Near platform:

The Near platform delivers global high-quality data in a privacy-safe environment, linking profiles across physical and digital spaces, and providing business leaders with deep insights on the places their customers frequent and their brand and competitor preferences. It is built on three fundamental tenets which are outlined in the publication Near announced today:

  • Global, High-Quality Data: The Near Platform provides high-quality insights about people and places from diverse industries and applications. Through complex data refinement processes, Near converts raw data into powerful insights that empower decision-makers with actionable information.
  • Privacy and Transparency: Data privacy and transparency are deeply ingrained in Near’s foundation. The platform is built on the principle of privacy by design, ensuring that data privacy considerations are integrated into every aspect of its products, processes, and practices. The Near approach empowers business-decision makers with control over their information and adheres to the most stringent global privacy regulations.
  • AI Innovation: The Near Platform employs advanced algorithms and machine learning models to deliver high-quality insights, so users can decipher complex consumer behavior patterns and trends.

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About Near

Near, a global Privacy-Safe Data Intelligence Platform curates one of the world’s largest sources of intelligence on people and places. Near’s patented technology analyzes data to deliver insights on approximately 1.6 billion unique user IDs across 70 million points of interest in more than 44 countries. With Near’s three-pillared approach– high-quality data, privacy, and AI – operational and marketing leaders are empowered with solutions to successfully engage and grow their businesses at scale. With a presence in Pasadena, San Francisco, Paris, Bangalore, Singapore, Sydney, and Tokyo, Near serves enterprises in a diverse spectrum of industries including retail, real estate, restaurant, travel/tourism, telecom, media, and more. To learn more, please visit:

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