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Leading Global Commercial Real Estate Companies Representing Over $200B in AUM Rely on Near Intelligence for Real-Estate Analytics


Leading global commercial real estate companies, representing $87B in annual revenue, turn to Near for CRE operational insights

PASADENA, Calif. — September 21, 2023 — Near Intelligence, Inc. (Nasdaq: NIR) a global Data Intelligence Platform that curates one of the world’s largest sources of intelligence on people and places, today announced it is a trusted partner of leading global commercial real estate (CRE) companies seeking high-quality real estate analytics on any location, building or site. Representing a combined annual revenue of nearly $87B and over $200B in assets under management, the world’s leading commercial real estate companies rely on the Near Platform to drive data-driven business decisions and enhance their strategies as the CRE industry adapts to rapidly evolving consumer trends.

By leveraging Near’s advanced analytics capabilities, real estate companies are empowered with high-quality analytics on any place from a DMA to a neighborhood, commercial property, office park, potential site, and more, to understand consumer habits and trends, commuter movement patterns, and trade area demographics.

Download Near’s CRE Report: CRE Trends to Revitalize Shopping Centers

“Near’s data insights allow me to conduct site evaluations using near real-time, robust, and great quality data. The intuitive charts, maps, and searchable historical data establish me as a market leader and adopter of cutting-edge technology. In today’s landscape, one cannot ask a client to solely trust a hunch, but with Near’s data, I am able to validate my decades of experience, build a winning case, and develop deeper partnerships with my clients.”

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“We are proud to be the selected partner for some of the world’s largest commercial real estate companies,”
“Whether you’re a property owner, business owner, real estate developer, or investor, our commercial real estate customers can access the data intelligence they need to find the right location fit between property, business, and consumer.”

The Near Platform offers many benefits for CRE companies, including:

  • Perform next-level trade area analysis: Users can survey any place and instantly determine demographics, consumer profiles, and footfall trends, and are able to pick a location and go in-depth with real estate analytics to uncover its true trade area, the average time spent there, nearby commuter and consumer movement patterns, and more.
  • Identify accurate merchant-consumer fit: Users can uncover neighborhoods that match their target audience based on the consumers who live, work, and travel there, and can find residential neighborhoods with certain brand affinities, locations along common professional commuter paths, and more.
  • Attract the best tenants with consumer behavior data: Users are able to match tenants and business owners with suitable properties, down to knowing which side of a shopping center is the best fit, and can optimize their mix of tenants by understanding consumer behavior data around what their customers want.
  • Remain up-to-date with market research and competitive intelligence: Users can analyze up-to-date consumer behavior data to understand where today’s consumers eat, shop, travel, and spend their time, and can study what trade areas, stores, and brands capture people’s attention, both online and in-store, and use those insights to stay ahead of the competition.
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Near, a global Privacy-Safe Data Intelligence Platform curates one of the world’s largest sources of intelligence on people and places. Near’s patented technology analyzes data to deliver insights on approximately 1.6 billion unique user IDs across 70 million points of interest in more than 44 countries. With Near’s three-pillared approach– high-quality data, privacy, and AI – operational and marketing leaders are empowered with solutions to successfully engage and grow their businesses at scale. With a presence in Pasadena, San Francisco, Paris, Bangalore, Singapore, Sydney, and Tokyo, Near serves enterprises in a diverse spectrum of industries including retail, real estate, restaurant, travel/tourism, telecom, media, and more. To learn more, please visit:

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