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Queensland Government Activates Public Transport Improvement with Near’s Precision Targeting

Near’s Precision Targeting



Translink, a division of the Department of Transport & Main Roads Queensland, partnered with EssenceMediacom to communicate the improvements made to bus routes in the areas of Park Ridge, Northern Gold Coast, and Caboolture. The objective was to raise awareness and engage with local residents, ensuring they were informed about the changes and encouraged to visit the Translink website for further information.

To achieve their goals, EssenceMediacom leveraged Near’s proprietary Marketing Intelligence Platform, Allspark. This advanced solution provided powerful audience curation tools, enabling EssenceMediacom to precisely identify and target the residents who benefited from the bus route improvements.

The campaigns were executed between November and February, allowing sufficient time to effectively reach the target audience. The partnership between Translink, EssenceMediacom, and Near proved successful, resulting in significant reach and engagement. The campaigns reached over 245,000 residents, with their best performing campaign achieving a 0.77% click-through rate (CTR).


Translink faced the challenge of effectively reaching its target audience and delivering its message in a cost-efficient manner.

They needed to ensure the campaigns would generate sufficient impressions, engagement, and website visits within their allocated budget. Additionally, they sought to optimise their creative assets and target the right demographics for each campaign.


Near implemented its ‘Triple A’ approach to enable Translink to effectively and precisely reach its target audience in a cost-efficient manner across the three campaigns.


Near curated custom audience segments for each specific area targeted by Translink. Employing precision targeting techniques, Near identified devices seen within a radius of the bus stop locations and filtered by frequency of device sightings in those areas to ensure the campaigns reached the desired audience.

This authentication process allowed EssenceMedia to deliver tailored messages to residents and workers in each geographically-defined area most likely impacted by the bus route changes.


To maximise engagement and impact, EssenceMediacom leveraged rich media creative assets in the form of an interactive cube. Near’s expertise in building rich media assets, including custom fonts and adherence to brand guidelines, ensured a seamless and visually compelling experience for the audience.

The combination of authentic audience targeting and captivating creative assets helped drive higher impressions, click-through rates and overall engagement.


Near provided comprehensive attribution and measurement capabilities, allowing EssenceMediacom to track and analyse the performance of each campaign. These insights, including engaged time, interaction rates, and click-throughs, enabled them to assess the effectiveness of the campaigns and make data-driven optimisation decisions.

Near’s reporting also included recommendations to further enhance the performance and impact of the campaigns, ensuring continuous improvement throughout the campaign duration.


The campaign aimed to drive awareness of the bus route improvement and proved successful.

“Our successful collaboration between EssenceMediacom, Near and Translink delivered an impactful digital advertising campaign that targeted local residents and public transport customers. The campaign drove significant traffic to relevant project webpages, providing detailed information on service changes and improvements. As a result, customers benefited from better understanding, minimal disruptions and increased usage of public transport.”

Andrea Fagg Principal Advisor, Translink

“With extremely precise targeting parameters and creative budget limitations from the client, Near has been incredible at supporting Translink's campaign requirements.
The team has been a pleasure to work with and has kindly worked to tight turnaround times. I always have confidence booking with the Near team that we will deliver favourable outcomes.”

Zoe Stanek Digital Coordinator, EssenceMediacom
Essences Mediacom

Some of the key outcomes include:

Near’s Precision Targeting
High Interaction Rate

Achieved a weighted average
interaction rate of 5.21%
across the campaigns.

Near’s Precision Targeting
Extended Engagement:

Average dwell time per
creative was 10.5 seconds
over the three campaigns.

Near’s Precision Targeting
Improved Performance:

Final campaign achieved 0.77% CTR, incorporating lessons
learned from previous campaigns.

In addition to the outcomes above, an analysis of when residents and workers were engaging with the ads prompted an optimisation strategy by, leading to targeted ad delivery during peak evening hours.

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