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How Officeworks, Initiative and Yahoo Drove Footfall During the Busy Holiday Season



Officeworks, a leading stationery, furniture, technology and student supplies retailer in Australia, was looking to drive a strong holiday shopping season, with a goal to drive purchases of key holiday items like photos, stationery, and gifts for the whole family. The company successfully responded to significant shifts in consumer behaviour for the 2020 holiday season with a unique campaign, and they wanted to replicate that success.


At a time when lockdowns and the importance of safe shopping experiences meant changes to the traditional holiday shopping experience, Officeworks wanted to capture the attention of customers during the busy holiday season. They needed to find new and immersive ways to engage and interact with audiences both online and in-store. In addition to wanting to drive online and in-store visits, Officeworks also wanted to measure how many visits could be attributed to the campaign.


Officeworks provided customers with a special experience that also accounted for the change in customer behaviour during a pandemic. Expanding on a successful 2020 campaign, Officeworks gave families the opportunity to take their photos with Santa and Rudolph in the comfort of their own homes. This was offered through an easy mobile experience and the magic of AR.

AR Santa Photo Experience:


When the user was happy with their photos, they had the option to print in-store, share them with family members and friends across social media, or transform their photos onto one of Officeworks’ personalised gifts. 

To measure the impact of the campaign, Near matched users exposed to the campaign to its mobile-first universe of 18m+ profiles in Australia, to connect digital and real world behaviour. With this data, Yahoo and Near worked together to create an Attribution Lift Index.  The index compares the audience exposed to the campaign to a control group to see how much more likely users who saw the ads and/or engaged in the AR experience were to visit a store.

Near officeworks

Near was also able to provide Yahoo, Initiative and Officeworks with intelligence on the consumers who were most likely to engage with the campaign and to visit the store after exposure. This data could help inform and optimise targeting on future campaigns.


Campaign results provided by Yahoo and Near indicated some impressive outcomes in end-user interaction and online conversion of target customers.

The campaign promoted a fun experience for customers, while contributing to a 45% uplift in Officeworks store visits from the exposed audience (up from 21% in 2020’s campaign) along with a 95% uplift in Officeworks store visits from AR experience engagers (up from 55% in 2020). Users who saw the ad averaged 7+ minutes more in store and were willing to travel 5km-10km further than those who hadn’t been exposed. 

The Officeworks and Yahoo campaign captured consumer attention during the busy holiday season, driving a significant uplift in store and website visits.

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