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Fast-Food Chain Wins Millennials with Data-Driven Marketing



A global fast-food brand introduced a new pasta dish for a limited time period across 8 outlets in Thailand. With the intent to drive awareness about this recent addition to the menu, the brand wanted to target its existing audience as well as increase footfalls at these outlets.

Strategy and Execution

To meet this objective, Near used Allspark, its audience SaaS product to curate the QSR/fast-food chain audience segment for this brand. This audience segment encompassed users from 18 to 45 years of age, seen in and around the brand’s and competitors’ stores for the past 30 days and was created by analyzing multiple data sets in Allspark.

Near then targeted the ‘QSR audience’ segment in addition to the users seen in and around its 8 stores in real-time, basis the fresh data available in Allspark, to drive walk-ins. The brand’s message was promoted in real-time, that helped in driving awareness and boosting walk-ins due to the relevant audience targeting.


Near performed several analyses to measure the effectiveness of this strategy and also to help the brand gain a better understanding of its consumers.

  • The results show that a higher number of women (66%) walked into the stores to try the new dish.
  • The promotion drew a higher number of Millennials, 64% of people aged 18-25 years followed by 26-35 age group (29%), and a very small proportion from the 36-45 age group (7%).
  • Professionals, Affluent and Travelers walked in more in comparison to other audience profiles.

We also conducted a footfall study to measure the walk-ins by the audience. The attribution lift index (exposed vs non-exposed audience) for this targeting was 65%. The QSR audience resonated with the brand’s messaging, promotional offer and responded well.

Fast Food Chain uses data driven marketing
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