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Competitive Intelligence Enables Global Fast-Food Chain Boost Sales



Leading global fast food chain specializing in sandwiches and salads was looking to boost product awareness, and eventually sales, amongst its loyal customers and potential fast-food consumers in Australia and New Zealand.

The brand was looking for a data partner who could identify, create and fine-tune these two segments using data, and provide actionable insights on physical world behavior of these segments using relevant data and analytics.

Strategy and Execution

The fast food chain used Allspark, Near’s SaaS audience product to curate and reach out to audience segments by choosing multiple data sets, such as location, visit frequency, demographics, affluence levels, and content-consumption patterns among other data sets.

First, in Allspark, Near identified and created an audience card of existing consumers by analyzing people frequently visiting the brand’s restaurants. With PlaceMatrix, the proprietary database of building shapes within Allspark, Near was able to further define the consumers in and around the brand’s restaurants in an accurate way.

Competitive Intelligence Enables Global Fast-Food Chain Boost Sales

Then, the potential consumer audience card was created by analyzing people seen across 19 (or more) competitor fast-food restaurants located in the same neighborhood as the brand stores. These segments were then targeted through Allspark with a mixture of static and dynamic ads, promoting their new products whenever the audience was seen near the brand’s stores.

As part of the creative execution, Near built custom dynamic creatives such as a rich media game to ensure high engagement and an interactive consumer experience.


By promoting the messages to the right audience, the brand increased product awareness, trial and purchase frequency for their franchisees.

Competitive Intelligence Enables Global Fast-Food Chain Boost Sales

Near also conducted footfall analysis to gather statistics into the behavior and visitation rates of the targeted consumers.

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