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Australia and New Zealand’s leading household hardware retailer sees 71% uplift in store visits.


Near’s Allspark was used to curate specific audience segments which were then targeted with custom messaging.


The brand’s primary objective was to drive footfalls to their stores by targeting both their own, as well as competitor’s customers. The plan was to achieve this by targeting recent visitors to the store as well as those that were seen at competitor’s stores.

Strategy and Execution

  • Boost in-store footfall and engagement
  • Target and acquire competitors’ customers
  • Drive sales

The brand collaborated with an agency which used data powered by Near’s Allspark platform to curate the identified audience segments. Allspark enabled the brand to create custom audience segments with precision by choosing multiple data sets such as location, visit frequency and demographics among other data sets. The digital campaign was launched in a phased manner:

  • First, Allspark was used to curate the audience segment of consumers who were seen at competitor stores in the past 30 days.
  • This audience was then re-targeted using digital ads on their mobile phones.

The mobile advertisements served to the target audience segment encouraged them to visit the store with promotional offers and special discounts.

This highly specific audience segment based on historical location analysis was curated by Near using the Allspark platform. The results showed that a profile from the curated audience segment was 71% more likely to visit one of the brand’s stores compared to profiles in the control segment. Audiences from the control segments who were not exposed to the promotional offers/discounts had a higher dwell time compared to those from the exposed segment.


71% Increase
in store visits from
exposed audience

0.86% CTR
achieved on
mobile ad campaign

At the end of the the three day campaign, Near’s Attribution Lift Index of the campaign showed a 71% uptick. The brand was therefore able to successfully increase store visits across their various branches by targeting specific audience segments using Allspark’s audience curation capabilities.

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