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Kristina Tipton

Director, Market Research at Near

2 mins read

What human movement data uncovers about the most popular Apple Store in the U.S.

With the Apple product launch event a couple weeks back, we couldn’t think of a better brand to pull insights on. We identified the largest Apple Store in the country (hello Boston!) and ran a human movement data report to understand consumer behavior.

By accessing this report for visitors to Apple Boylston Street in Boston in 2022, we discovered:

Fridays are the busiest days at the store, bringing in more than 20% of the total visits. 5pm is the most popular time for a visit, as the store sees a big uptick in visitors around the end of the workday.


Visitors by Day of the Week

Percentage of visit chart
Many people are traveling from 1-3 miles away to the store, with the most common evening locations tightly clustered near the store. If people are traveling from over 1 mile away, many take Beacon Street to Commonwealth Avenue.  Many visitors were also seen on the I-90 corridor heading into town, which is also the route of a train line.
Common Evening Location & Pathing for Apple Store Visitors
Vistor origin points
Common evening locations for visitors are tightly grouped near the Apple Store.
The Pathing Report shows the routes people took to the Apple Store.

Human movement data can provide these types of consumer behavior insights on any location, including stores, restaurants, tourist destinations, office buildings and more. To learn more about a location you’re interested in, check out a demo.


Near generated a human movement data report for Apple Store location on Boylston St. in Boston between January 1 – September 7, 2022.

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