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Covid-19 Social distancing analysis: Preparing the data

In order to complete Step 2- Prepare the data, you will need to do the following

Step1- Open the file in excel

1. Reports downloaded from Vista are in .tsv format

Step 2- Aggregate the file using pivot tables

2. Select all three columns from the top and go to Data/ Summarize with PivotTable

5. Since you have already selected the range, it will appear on the top in “Select a table or range” field

6. The recommendation is selecting “New Worksheet” when deciding where to place the PivotTable

7. Drag Date into the Rows box and Drag Observed Devices into the Values box.

8. This will create your table with the two columns you want (date, observed devices).

9. Data for all locations will now be aggregated for every date.

10. Next, you want to select a month in the generated column, right-click on it and select Ungroup from the context menu

11. In some cases, the dates will already be displayed by days so you don’t have to ungroup anything.

Step 3- Finalize the file

Example of data you are looking to get:

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