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Podcast: How did Near assist Maxi Zoo with its digital transformation?

On June 29th, Pierre Fontaine, Digital Marketing Manager at Maxi Zoo France, was invited by E-Commerce Nation for a podcast about the partnership between the retailer and Near.

Maxi Zoo, a french pet store chain, is rapidly growing. The group, which is already present in 11 European countries, started an expansion strategy that has resulted in the opening of 30 to 40 stores in France each year.

These regular openings have led the chain to take its marketing digital. As a result, the brand launched its own e-commerce website in 2020, as well as a mobile app and associated loyalty program this year.

Maxi Zoo also turned to Near to help them tackle specific challenges, which the podcast helps us understand while explaining Near’s approach to overcoming them.

The podcast is in French. For more information on the partnership between Near and Maxi Zoo, here is our use case!

How did Near assist Maxi Zoo with its digital transformation?
Pierre Fontaine, Digital Marketing Manager at Maxi Zoo France


What were the challenges associated with Maxi Zoo’s digital conversion?

The environmental aspect was a priority for the group, which was already attempting to limit the use of paper in its communication strategies. Indeed, the transition to digital allows for a reduction in the use of paper in favor of digital templates displaying a similarly diverse range of products. Furthermore, some government restrictions, such as the upcoming “Oui Pub” scheme, aim to strengthen paper printing control in order to face environmental issues.

Besides, printing paper catalogs today represents a significant portion of advertisers’ marketing budgets, and these costs are expected to rise in the future. Because ads are now displayed on smartphone screens rather than leaflets, the introduction of digital advertising provides numerous savings opportunities.

Ultimately, digital transformation must come from a “customer-centric” perspective. In other words, it must support customers and prospects, whose habits are evolving (especially in the digital world) on their path to purchase, whether on a national or ultra-local level.

How did Near handle these challenges?

“The common goal that must continue despite these challenges is to generate traffic in stores,” says Pierre Fontaine.

Near has created a drive-to-store solution that enables national campaigns to be activated while also integrating each point of sale into the solution’s core. This is a significant benefit to Maxi Zoo’s communications strategy, which has chosen Near as a partner for a variety of campaigns :

  • Support for a specific store group
  • Assistance with the establishment of new retail outlets
  • Digitization of advertising catalogs 

Discover in this podcast how Near has addressed these various challenges while ensuring traffic generation in Maxi Zoo stores, addressing the right profiles and redirecting them to the right store.

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