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Near and B I Spatial Help Customers Make Data Actionable and Understand Consumer Behavior for Future Growth

Retail real estate and restaurant industries find success in using a blend of marketing and operational intelligence to scale with Near and B I Spatial mobile analytics

PASADENA, CA—APRIL 21, 2022— As retail real estate and restaurant industries are getting back to opening new business locations and strive to keep up with evolving and new consumer habits, Near, the world’s largest source of privacy-led intelligence on people, places, and products, and its partner B I Spatial, are empowering companies with actionable insights and the data they need that allows them to make better location-based decisions.

Understanding consumer movement has always been a struggle for businesses, especially in the restaurant and retail real estate sectors. The unique strategic alliance between Near and B I Spatial allows businesses to prioritize location-based opportunities by daypart and the presence of their target consumers, maximizing the ability to identify and leverage new sources of revenue.

Pollo Campero, a fast-casual restaurant chain focused on Flavorful Chicken Meals started as a small family-owned restaurant in Guatemala in 1971, and has grown to one of the largest chicken chains in the world. Pollo Campero currently has 80 restaurants in the U.S., 15 of which are franchise locations. The chain has a major growth strategy to rapidly expand across the U.S. in 2022. As a part of its growth strategy, the restaurant plans to open 10 corporate restaurants in 2022, 20 in 2023, and then ramp up to open a total of 200 locations altogether in the next five years. Their first challenge in the U.S. was completing its customer profile and building a development strategy from that profile.

Case Study: How QSR Pollo Campero used Near and B I Spatial to optimize its site selection plan

To identify their key customer groups and give focus to their real estate strategy, Pollo Campero engaged B I Spatial to analyze their markets using Near’s mobility data and segmentation to drill down to Pollo Campero’s target customer segments, and then map those segments by daypart– everywhere in the U.S. Pollo Campero was able to leverage the results to prioritize the top 500 U.S. intersections for both new corporate and franchise locations. The chain now uses this valuable data for its expansion plan, and to also share with its franchisees. The B I Spatial and Near data has become a foundation for Pollo Campero’s development program, informing their expansion efforts and validating their customer profiles.

“I can tell you from experience that the data is accurate. It points us in all the right places. And I honestly believe it gives us a strategic advantage over our competitors because it helps us prioritize our efforts, really helps us focus in the right places,” said Allyn Taylor, Director of Development and Construction at Pollo Campero.

“For more than a decade, global companies have trusted Near to provide answers to critical questions they need to make them more competitive and win in their respective markets,” said Gladys Kong, COO at Near. “Now, in partnership with B.I. Spatial, we are continuing to help businesses seize the opportunity in a time of rapid change to grow and be successful.”

Directory of Major Malls, Inc., or DMM, has been a leading source of comprehensive and accurate major shopping center and mall data for more than 35 years. DMM catalogs and updates details on the over 8,500 major shopping centers and malls in the U.S. and Canada that have gross leasable areas of approximately 200,000 sqft and up or are significant specialty lifestyle/mixed-use properties. In addition to providing a full list of center details and 42,565 contacts, DMM also focuses its attention on the retail components of each center, or mall, by maintaining more than 300,000 national and regional chains, as well as independent and local retail stores. DMM engages with the market through direct licensing or its subscription platform,

Case Study: How Directory of Major Malls used Near and B I Spatial to Achieve More Precise Shopper Insights

B I Spatial was able to use Near’s mobile data as a catalyst for developing a mobile analytics product, and trade areas, for more than 7,800 major shopping centers and malls in the U.S. for Directory of Major Malls. Utilizing B I Spatial’s proprietary Precision with Privacy (PwP) methodology, B I Spatial was able to append address level Prizm segments to 70+ million Near devices while maintaining each device’s spatial anonymity.

“We chose B I Spatial for their expertise in working with Near’s mobile location data combined with expanded demographics,” said Tama Shor, President of Directory of Major Malls. “It’s a game-changer in the sense it can provide so much more actionable, shopper-centric insight about the property, and opens up new types of opportunities to use the data.”

The results of the engagement provided a quarterly file of mobile traffic observations and unique visits within a 70% trade area along with the top PRIZM segments that contribute to the activity in each center. DMM’s subscribers now have specific and precise answers to questions like, “how far does a center pull?” and “do shoppers cross major rivers or ranges to shop?” Inclusion of trade area images, tourism traffic, lifestyle behaviors, and expanded demographics also offers subscribers to a better understanding of more than just what’s going on, but who is actually visiting.

“By incorporating Claritas data into our Near-based PwP process, we created a space for DMM,, and its subscribers that were previously only occupied by customer intercept studies. The advantage to our approach is that the DMM subscribers and licensees can compare thousands of centers in a single, easily accessible, and affordable platform that compares relative volume, visitor, trade area profiles, and geographic reach. No one else is providing anything like it with such precision,” said Andy Moncla, President at B I Spatial.

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