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How can Marketers Reach Out Better in the New Normal?

As places of interest across countries start to open up and we enter the ‘New Normal’, it is becoming a common belief that some places are riskier than the others. Consumers are now reprioritizing their activities in the real-world, making brands and marketing agencies look for newer ways to engage with them.   

To help brands achieve their marketing goals in these unprecedented times, Near has identified 3 new super segments that make it easy for marketers to understand consumer behavior. With these super segments, brands can plan, target, and measure efficiently as they look to optimize RoI while working with tight budgets.

Near looked at the Place Category Visited, Distance Traveled, Dwell Time, Income Groups, and Demographics to arrive at key super segments that will emerge. The mobility patterns at various places will change according to the risk people are willing to take once the government imposed lockdowns are over. Near observed mobility index, density index, and visitation patterns across the entire spectrum of willingness to take risks. Here are the super segments that we see coming up.

The usual audience segments such as Traveler, Student, Professional, and Parent would eventually roll into the above mentioned super segments. By looking at the real-world behavior and past visitation patterns of these segments and super segments, the Near platform can provide actionable intelligence on these consumers. 

Here is how the journeys of users from these super segments will look across categories. 

How can marketers use these super segments to engage better

We see these super segments impacting not just the way consumers will engage with brands during the pandemic but also the way relationships with brands will evolve as we start living the new normal life. 

Consumers’ willingness to take risks will define the extent, frequency, and places of engagement and buying. The new super segments will reshape behavioral attributes such as brand affinities, distance traveled, mode of shopping(online vs offline) even as attributes such as demographics and home locations remain constant. Marketers can combine risk profiles with insights on other real-world behavioral patterns to derive more meaningful and relevant intelligence in the changing landscape of the brand-consumer relationship. 

Marketers can use this actionable intelligence for:

  • Audience curation
  • Analysis and visualization of audiences to decide the best strategy to target them
  • Activation on a platform of choice at the most relevant scale and frequency 
  • Measurement of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns 
  • Recommendations to consumers 
  • Planning and strategy for future offerings 
  • Sales cycle optimization 

How to use these new super segments with Allspark

Allspark is a purpose-built, full-stack marketing solution by Near that has always enabled brands and marketing agencies to curate and activate audiences and measure the success of marketing campaigns delivered to those audiences. 

With these new super segments in the Near platform, marketers can now explore numerous opportunities to reach out to their consumers in the most relevant and measurable ways. Here is how:

  • Create audiences that you want to target by combining their real-life interests and risk profiles. 
  • Activate your audiences on the activation platform of choice.
  • Measure the campaign efficacy to optimize your marketing efforts further 

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