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Drive-to-store: Why use an independent third-party measurement solution?

A significant advantage of digital advertising over traditional marketing levers is the ability to effectively measure the performance of communication campaigns.

Measurement is especially important in the context of a drive-to-store campaign. It is based on the reconciliation of online and offline data. Measuring a drive-to-store campaign involves determining the impact of a digital ad on a physical point of sale, using key KPIs such as the number of visitors in store.

Marketers are constantly on the lookout for reliable and transparent data in order to better assess the impact of a drive-to-store campaign on their revenue. For this reason, agencies and advertising companies often turn to third-party measurement services.

The third-party measurement solution, a guarantee of trust

In their never-ending quest for the best return on investment, advertisers are not only concerned with results, but also with their source. The majority of marketers rely on partner agencies to run their media campaigns, and must assess the performance and effectiveness of these programs.

The use of a third-party measurement service ensures the impartiality and transparency of the results of a campaign run in collaboration with a partner. Adsquare and Kairos Fire, for example, have developed robust measurement methodologies that protect the confidentiality of personal data.

In the case of drive-to-store advertising, the third party measurement partner is in charge of determining whether an initiative has a positive or negative impact on in-store traffic. If the operation directly resulted in visits, the third-party measurer can calculate the volume of visits or the associated turnover using both deterministic and statistical methodologies. When reporting the results, the advertiser has access to a variety of additional metrics that can be used to determine the performance of the activated campaign with confidence. Furthermore, if the advertiser wishes to evaluate various partners for their drive-to-store campaigns, the measurement partner will provide a clear picture of the differences in the results obtained for each of them.

The trusted third party’s role is to assist advertisers in selecting the best strategies to implement.

Third-party measurement, Near’s strategic choice

“Since 2019, we have decided to include visit measurement by a trusted third party in our offering. It is critical for us to provide feedback on the performance of our clients' campaigns by an independent actor whose expertise it is.

Similarly to our creative studio's intervention and operation setup, we assume responsibility for campaign measurement expenses in order to provide a turnkey service."

Lola Millet Bourgonge
VP Sales & Business Development at Near
Near has chosen to have the performance of its operations measured by trusted third parties for the past three years. As a result, at the end of each campaign, Near can include a precise and unbiased analysis of the results obtained. This decision is meant to bring reassurance to advertisers.


Third-party measurement is a service included in Near’s value proposition, allowing it to provide a turnkey solution to its customers, as Near’s teams manage the entire setup with the third party right up until the customer receives the reports.


In addition, the third-party measurer enables the use of additional optimization levers. The measurement data analysis performed by a third party can be used to adjust the distribution strategy during the campaign and thus improve performance. For example, in the context of drive-to-store, the goal is to define the profile category with the highest visit rate following message exposure.


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