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Michelle Zhou

Head of Product Management

4 mins read

Data Quality Reigns Supreme: How to Ensure Reliable Insights for Your Business

Reliable Insights for Your

In an ever-changing business landscape, harnessing the power of consumer behavior data has become paramount for decision-makers and technical teams. However, the market is flooded with data vendors, making it challenging to discern which one offers the best solution. Many organizations fall prey to alluring promises and end up with unreliable data that fails to deliver the expected results. And with the volume of data exponentially increasing over time, the need for a solid data solution is all the more critical.

The Data Dilemma: Not All Data Is Created Equal

Data leaders and decision-makers are bombarded with vast amounts of consumer data from various sources. However, not all data is created equal, and not all vendors possess the expertise to transform raw data into actionable insights. The lack of transparency and complexity surrounding data sourcing and preparation further adds to the confusion. As a result, many organizations lose trust in the data they rely on and grow skeptical about exploring new datasets.

But despite these challenges, the potential of accurate consumer behavior data intelligence to transform decision-making is too powerful to throw in the towel. It holds the key to selecting optimal store locations, allocating marketing budgets effectively, and making informed investments. Embracing change and adopting innovative data-driven technologies will be crucial for businesses looking to stay ahead in a competitive marketplace.

Near’s Three-Pillared Approach to Data Quality

Near’s Consumer Behavior Data Intelligence platform stands apart from other vendors due to its three-pillared approach:

Reliable Insights for Your

Global, Quality Data

Ensure the highest quality data is used to fuel and train the models that convert raw data into insights.

Reliable Insights for Your

Privacy and Transparency:

Develop actionable insights at any level of granularity without compromising consumer privacy.

Reliable Insights for Your

Data Science and AI

Use advanced techniques to detect anomalies and uncover hidden trends that can fuel analyses and sound business decisions.

How Data Points Become Data Intelligence

Just like crude oil, raw data requires refinement to be truly valuable. Near has perfected the art of converting raw data inputs into jet fuel that generates actionable insights for its customers.

Data Scale: A Global Reach

Near’s data collection capabilities are extensive, thanks to our participation in ad exchanges as an advertising demand-side platform (DSP). This enables Near to collect location data while displaying mobile ads. Moreover, strategic partnerships with other location-collecting SDK providers have expanded Near’s reach to a vast pool of mobile device users. In total, Near gathers information on a staggering 1.6 billion people worldwide from over 100,000 apps. Unlike many other location data providers, Near’s datasets offer global coverage of mobile devices, representing significant daily activity from over 44 countries and counting.

Data Pipeline: The Foundation of Quality Insights

Ensuring data quality is paramount for Near. As mobile device data often comes in a “dirty” raw form, Near employs thorough and automated data cleansing processes. This filters out duplicate data points, fraudulent entries, anomalies, and other irregular data. The constant evaluation and updating of filters are essential to maintain data integrity and create a reliable foundation for generating insights.

Near’s commitment to data integrity extends to monitoring data attributes through a rigorous proprietary data monitoring platform. This helps identify any changes that might impact data quality. Regular audits and collaboration with partners address ongoing challenges in the mobile data ecosystem.

Data Delivery: Empowering Clients with Transparency

Unlike data partners who act as “black boxes,” Near believes in transparency and empowerment. We provide clients access to the underlying data, allowing them to explore, analyze, and derive powerful insights in their preferred analytics environment. Users of all skill levels, from line-of-business personnel to technical analysts and data scientists, can make the most of Near’s data offerings.

Data Enrichment: Adding Context and Value

To enhance the value of mobile device data, Near enriches it with location contextualization, demographics, and audience affinity. This additional context enables customers to create custom audience segments for marketing and gain a deeper understanding of shopping behavior and other industry-specific analyses.

Overcoming the Challenges: Data Usability and Productivity

Despite recognizing the importance of data, many businesses struggle to fully utilize it. Data teams often spend an inordinate amount of time on data discovery, integration, and cleaning, leaving little room for actual analysis and data science work. This hinders productivity and leads to missed opportunities.

Near’s platform addresses these challenges by delivering data in a user-friendly and flexible manner. Empowering clients to work in their preferred analytics environment, Near ensures that insights are easily accessible to both technical analysts and non-technical users alike. By streamlining data cleansing and validation processes, Near saves valuable time and resources, ultimately driving greater productivity and better business outcomes.

Unlock the Power of Consumer Behavior Data

In a data-driven world, consumer behavior data intelligence has become a vital asset for businesses seeking success and growth. The key lies in choosing the right data provider, one that values transparency, privacy, and data quality. Near’s three-pillared approach to consumer behavior data intelligence sets it apart from other vendors, offering global, reliable data, ensuring privacy and transparency, and leveraging advanced data science techniques and the power of AI. By overcoming the challenges of data usability and productivity, Near’s platform empowers businesses to make informed decisions, optimize strategies, and seize opportunities in the dynamic business landscape. Embracing this approach will undoubtedly unlock the true potential of consumer behavior data, propelling businesses toward a prosperous and data-driven future.

Learn more about how Near’s Consumer Behavior Data Intelligence platform ensures data health to instill confidence in decision-making. Check out our eBook: Not All Data Is Created Equal.
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