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Anil Mathews

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Charting the Path to Unparalleled Data Privacy

Data Privacy

Unveiling the World’s Most Privacy-Safe Data Intelligence Platform

The Rapid Evolution of Privacy

Since Near’s inception in 2012, the conversation around data privacy has evolved significantly. New regulations like the GDPR, increasing public awareness regarding the data economy, and the proliferation of high-profile data breaches have combined to accelerate the push to safeguard sensitive personal data. Within this rapidly developing regulatory landscape, Near continues to act as a global leader in privacy-led data intelligence. We at Near have always strived to strike a balance between maximizing the value of our data insights and safeguarding consumer privacy.

When it comes to privacy, Near has consistently demonstrated the ability not only to adapt to the world around us but to stay ahead of the game – to lead. For example, with the introduction of the GDPR, we proactively adjusted our data handling processes and implemented measures like two-factor authentication and data minimization policies. However, when it comes to privacy, mere legal compliance is not Near’s aim. Good enough is not enough. We regularly and proactively enhance our privacy practices to meet the demands of an ever-changing landscape: to protect our clients, their customers, and ourselves.

Near’s Ambition: Sustaining Our Three Core Pillars

Near’s offerings are built on three fundamental concepts: Unrivaled Data Quality, Unparalleled Consumer Privacy, and the Innovative Application of AI. These three pillars work in tandem to ensure our platform and solutions remain industry-leading offerings.


The unrivalled quality of our data has been the foundation of our business over the past decade. We differentiate ourselves from other companies with our high-quality, proprietary, and extensive global dataset. Data is a crucial element for training AI models and enabling smarter decision-making. While competitors may focus on data breadth at the expense of fidelity, Near prioritizes investing in data quality and depth to maximize the value we deliver.

Our loyal customers recognize and value the scale and caliber of Near’s consumer behavior data as leading the industry, and our relentless focus on maintaining our high data standards continues.

To help our customers and partners understand and measure data quality, we have defined a set of data quality metrics and built a feature within our platform for customers to monitor and compare data from different sources. Our commitment to providing the best data is now proven with real metrics and 24×7 transparency.


Near has made substantial investments and identified innovative solutions to provide unparalleled consumer privacy. Compliance with applicable regulations in all the regions where our customers operate is as crucial for us as it is for them. Our products are designed with privacy as a guiding principle. For example:

More recently, the company has invested in cutting-edge Privacy-Enhancing Technologies, such as differential privacy, federated learning, and secure multi-party computation, which enable data analysis without compromising individual data privacy.


We have leveraged the innovative application of AI in our platform and products for over a decade. By harnessing the power of machine learning and AI, Near has always offered efficient, state-of-the-art solutions to our most complex user needs. Our Allspark platform demonstrates this capability by enabling users to query and analyze people’s behavior across various locations and product categories using natural language. This groundbreaking approach, introduced in 2016, provides customers and partners with seamless access to Near’s extensive consumer data repository through the simplicity of natural language interactions.

Sitting on the veritable gold mine of data experience we have collected over the past decade, Near is uniquely positioned to harness the power of AI to develop valuable data intelligence solutions for our customers.

These three pillars remain at the core of everything we do, and we will continue to innovate and invest in each of these areas as we further our vision of empowering the world to make better decisions. This brings us to an important announcement about a groundbreaking new enhancement to our operational intelligence platform, Pinnacle.

What’s Next: Unveiling the world’s most privacy-safe data intelligence platform

We are preparing to unveil a paradigm-shifting, global, privacy-safe data intelligence platform – Pinnacle 2.0.

What is it?

Given the rapid evolution of consumer data privacy regulation, we are committed to delivering a solution to our customers that simply removes any privacy concerns from the equation. The new offering is a Platform-as-a-Service, on which Near’s data can be accessed, queried, enriched, and manipulated, but never exported in its granular form. This release marks a pivot in Near’s geospatial decisioning product from a “data sharing” model to a platform-based, “workflows-centric” model.

The Pinnacle 2.0 Promise

When you diligently safeguard the privacy of consumer data through techniques such as aggregation, hashing, anonymization, and transformation, the data is rendered less useful because it lacks the necessary level of detail to paint an accurate picture. This inverse relationship – increasing privacy compliance decreases data utility while maximizing data utility compromises privacy – is something that every data intelligence company has been forced to reckon with. Near rejects this trade-off. Our new offering is here to break the status quo.

Insights That are Privacy-Safe, But No Less Valuable

With Pinnacle 2.0, Near is transforming privacy / data utility from an OR to an AND, maximizing both. Our anonymization techniques ensure data utility remains “as is” – equivalent to pre-anonymization levels. Privacy “tuning” – determining and enabling the best level of data granularity and privacy controls to suit the use case – helps us solve the Privacy-Data Utility trade-off. We protect consumer privacy by eliminating information leakage as anonymized data is unwrapped ONLY at run-time/in-memory, so all workflows are executed within a trusted, secure and controlled environment.

HighHighLowPrivacyComplianceData UtilityNon-compliant, red zonePlatform - 1Compliant, but data isnot useful (aggregated)Platform - 2

Not only will Pinnacle 2.0 be the most privacy-safe consumer behavior Platform-as-a-Service on the market, but it will also leverage generative AI and other cutting-edge technologies to deliver quality-controlled data workflows, a library of pre-built dashboards and integrations with leading data management, BI and visualization tools.

We at Near are thrilled to be blazing a trail in actionable, privacy-controlled data insights. When it comes to protecting granular consumer data, monitoring usage to ensure privacy best practices, and enforcing effective data management policies, Pinnacle 2.0 will be the gold standard for privacy-safe geospatial intelligence.

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